Another big step for Solar Monkey Relax! The first Xemex Landis + Gyr meters have been installed at 365Zon systems. These meters ensure that we can accurately monitor all plugged-in systems. With the stable GPRS connection, we can analyze the performance of solar systems better than ever. This allows installers to offer even greater services.

Until recently, we have been reading out yield data via the inverter portal, but this has some drawbacks. After all, this set up used the consumer’s wifi network. If the Netflix series of the end-user was not loading – which unfortunately is still quite common -, we were receiving incomplete data. And if the consumer was resetting his wifi, the alarm bells started ringing at our analysis department.

Picture 1: Xemex Landis + Gyr meter

Those problems are a thing of the past with the Xemex meters. With the steady GPRS, we always receive accurate data. We are now putting the finishing touch on the reading out of the data. Furthermore, we are setting up a link between the yield data and the yield prediction of the system design in the Solar Monkey app. This allows us to compare the expected yield with the actual yield, so we can immediately detect under-performance. So, we do not only if a system works, but also if a system does what it should do.

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