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The easy way to design, sell and maintain solar systems.

Design like a boss.


Design accurate
systems within 1 minute

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Inverter and string

Combine the right strings
with the right inverter.

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Yield calculation

Generate a reliable yield calculation with 3D shadow analysis.

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  • Did you know Albert was the first monkey in space?
    This achievement promoted him to our mascot.

Sell without worries.


The ultimate
persuasion instrument.

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CRM Integration

Start designing
straight from your CRM.

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  • You don’t have to use everything in our toolbox.
    Solar Monkey use can grow with your needs.

Onderhoud in eenvoud


Offer trust and confidence
and improve your sales.

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Analysis & Reports

Remind your customer
of a job well done.

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Performance alarm

Guard the relationship with your
customers by servicing pro-actively.

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