TU Delft develops fast charger for electric cars

Innovation in cooperation with TU Delft

Solar Monkey’s development partner, Delft University of Technology, has successfully developed a fast charger that can charge cars directly with power from solar panels (for example those on your own roof). This means that the electricity grid is no longer needed as an intermediate step for charging.
This is a breakthrough for the sustainable electric car. After all, you can only call electric cars truly sustainable if you actually charge the car with sustainably generated power. Thanks to this new innovation, the power grid is no longer needed as an in-between step. Moreover, the fast charger works both ways: you can charge your electric car with solar power, but also use the energy from the car’s battery to power your home, for example.
‘Solar panels generate direct current and normally this direct current from solar panels first has to be converted into alternating current before you can charge an electric car,’ says Professor Pavol Bauer from TU Delft. With our charger (10 kW) this is no longer necessary. An important step forward.
The fast chargers are expected to be commercially available by the end of this year.