“This makes the algae enormously efficient in the development of solar cells!”


Yes, you read that right. Microalgae! This small organism could become the future of our energy capture and conversion.


Just like plants, algae convert solar energy into energy and biomass via photosynthesis. This allows most plants to retain up to 20% solar energy, while microalgae can do so up to 98%. This is because algae have a particular protein complex, consisting of hundreds of building blocks. The unique thing about these building blocks is that some can collect solar energy in bright sunlight, while others can do so in the twilight. This makes the algae enormously efficient in the development of solar cells!

Microalgae optimization of solar cells is still under development, but according to Heck, professor of biomolecular mass spectrometry at Utrecht University, engineers who focus on the construction of solar cells can still learn a lot from these algae. It is even possible to process the algae in solar cells so that solar panels can achieve maximum efficiency of 95%! This would mean that the use of solar energy is significantly increased and therefore … more installations!

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