Belgium’s leading installer works with Solar Monkey

An interview with Kristien Gijbels of IZEN.

Q: What is it like working with Solar Monkey, especially in times of Corona?

Before we started working with Solar Monkey, our advisors went to the customer’s house to measure the roof and make an offer. This took a lot of time.

A few of our employees started working with Solar Monkey. This way they could determine the number of panels remotely and send the design directly to the customer. The data in Solar Monkey were so accurate that later our whole team started to work with it.

In these times – Corona crisis – our installers are not allowed to visit the customer. Thankfully, with Solar Monkey they can still come up with a good plan. It is a very useful tool in this circumstance. Our employees and our customers are very enthusiastic about it.

Q: How would you describe Solar Monkey?

Solar Monkey is a very relevant programme and easy to use. It has many different options and the people who work there are always very friendly.

Maarten is our main contact and always keeps us well informed about new developments and features. He has visited our office several times to give software demonstrations. I can’t say anything negative about Solar Monkey. It is a very pleasant program to work with and we are very happy with it.

Q: What difference has Solar Monkey made for you?

We used to work without a software programme for our roof designs. We did have a programme for making quotations. Now that we are suddenly no longer allowed to do site visits, we all started using Solar Monkey.

We know now how nice the program is, and even after the Corona crisis we will continue to work with it. This way we can easily continue our work.

“Before we started with Solar Monkey, our advisors went to the customer’s house to measure the roof and make an offer. This took a lot of time.”

Q: Has your conversion increased as well?

Definitely! We have been using Solar Monkey since March and it is very user-friendly. Currently we have 45 installations per two weeks – obviously very good in this corona crisis. We didn’t expect all our colleagues to be able to switch from home visits to online design so quickly, but they did.

Q: Suppose we are making a function for you. What kind of function should it be?

There is nothing to criticise during the drawing-in process. The function is sound and easy to use. What would our company like? In the Netherlands, other factors are used (0.96) to convert the Wp to kWh. In Belgium, this factor is different. Because the figures are different, the quotations are not complete. We use the quotations from Solar Monkey to give our customers a taste of what they can expect. Including prices and design.

Q: What information would you like to receive from us?

I do not follow your media myself. If there is a new update or when a new function is added, I would like to receive it via e-mail or intercom. But that’s not really necessary, because Maarten always keeps us very well informed about changes. In terms of communication, I can’t really think of any points for improvement.

“Our employees and our customers are very enthusiastic about it.”

Q: What is your ambition?

With all the different happenings around the Corona virus and the changing legislation next year in Belgium, we would like to encourage people to choose green energy. It is not that it is only interesting because of subsidies, but it is also very important to go for environmentally friendly energy. We want to make this message clear. We intend to cover the whole of Belgium with our solar panels. At the moment, we are active in every municipality in Flanders. We are very proud with what we have realised so far.

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