How Ecotec convinces the customer

We interviewed René de Jong: he is the all-round manager of Ecotec. They supply solar panels with ultramodern technology for unprecedented performance.

Q: What was the reason for working with Zonnegarant?

Ecotec Solar always opts for quality. We believe that sustainability should not only apply to the image of solar panels, but also to the products themselves, the information provided and the service. Therefore, we assemble quality products, all our people are certified, we have a back office and we take care of all customer concerns.

Q: How did you compete before Zonnegarant?

The guarantee we offer now did not yet exist, but for us, quality has been the focus from the beginning. A colleague recently showed me the reviews of a competing company. They received a whole bunch of one-star reviews. The criticism was mainly about agreements that were not kept. Because we genuinely strive for 100% quality and do what we promise, we will hardly ever receive a bad review. On average, one customer in every hundred is dissatisfied. Even if we ourselves believe that we have done a good job, we do not stop providing service. We will continue until the customer is satisfied. I find it much more important to leave the hundredth customer satisfied than to simply make a profit on that system. For example, we once installed a beautiful field of panels, but the customer wanted the whole thing to be one roof tile higher. In our eyes, our job was done according to the quotation, but because we still wanted a happy customer, we did what he asked. In the end, he left a very positive review. People can understand a small mistake. It’s about how you rectify the mistake. That’s when you have to be extra sharp and go for it full force. We also spend a lot of money and time on training and we invest in personal attention to customers. Together, this ensures that we stand out from the crowd.

Q: What difference has Zonnegarant made for you?

Customers usually compare several quotations. For example, one company claims that they can generate 3000 kWh net, another company 3028 kWh. How do you prove that? Do they just say something and it is ‘fingers crossed’, or can they also guarantee it? With Zonnegarant we have a method to make the figures concrete.

“As customers see that with Zonnegarant we can guarantee their yields, they have more confidence in us.”

Q: Do you experience that customers have more confidence in Ecotec because of Zonnegarant?

Certainly. As customers see that with Zonnegarant we can guarantee their yield, they also have more confidence in us. We now have a new quotation module of yours, in which one whole page is about Zonnegarant. Every customer gets it now.

Q: How does the customer react?

Customers often compare several quotations, so they see that we are almost never the cheapest. Our distinguishing features are still the quality solar panels and the personal guidance, but now the Zonnegarant guarantee has been added to clarify our price.

Q: What is your own ambition for the coming years?

Our five-year plan is strongly committed to growth, further professionalisation and becoming even more independent – more own imports and less from wholesalers.