iQ-solar builds a sustainable future with Solar Monkey

Our Belgian partner iQ-solar is less than a year old. They were already active in the solar sector together with another company, but have recently decided to run the whole business themselves. From marketing, to sales and after-sales service. We spoke with them!

Q: Who are iQ-solar?

iQ-solar specialises in the installation of solar panels, home batteries and charging stations. We are located in Ghent, but we carry out installations all over the Flemish Region. By focusing on sustainable solutions, we try to create a greener society. Our mission is to make sustainable energy accessible to everyone!

Q: How did you find out about Solar Monkey?

From the very beginning, we were in need of software to facilitate the workflow. Via Google we ended up at Solar Monkey. After leaving a message, Maarten contacted us. It was an instant match! The instructions were good and the software is easy to use. We have never considered to try something else.

Q: How do you experience the cooperation with us and its added value?

The software makes it very easy and fast to make a detailed quotation. You no longer need to go on to the roof to take measurements or just guess. With Solar Monkey you can immediately make a clear offer with the yield and the expected return. We only saw advantages. Also, the application of your own house style on the quotation is very handy. We use your program, but it seems like it is our own.

‘We use your program, but it seems like it is our own.’

Q: How is iQ-solar currently doing and what will be your focus in 2021?

Customers have lost confidence in solar panels because of politics. Unfortunately, we are the victims of this. By quickly switching focus, we have tried to respond to this situation. For the coming year, the focus will therefore mainly be on home batteries and charging stations.

Last year, everyone got a non-reversible energy meter. With our batteries, customers can still store their energy instead of passing it off. In addition, there are European targets for the number of charge points that must be met. These are opportunities we are taking advantage of.

Q: Are you experiencing consequences of the corona crisis?

Corona did not affect us at all. Thanks to Solar Monkey’s software, the customer could easily be served remotely, which made working from home easier.

Q: How do you see this market in 5 years time?

The steps have already been taken. The European Union has set targets and deadlines and there is no option but to meet these. People need to be made aware of the benefits, and we will do the rest. A greener future is a good investment: it is better to have solar panels on your roof than money in your savings account.

Q: What is your own ambition for the coming years?

The future lies in renewable energy. People are starting to realise this more and more, and the government is also issuing more and more grants. For the coming years, we hope that customer confidence in solar panels will be restored, so that we can once again focus on what we do best. Installing solar systems!

‘Better to have solar panels on your roof than money in your savings account.’