The ambition of EnergyKing

Energy King zonnesysteem dak

An interview with Lucas Robberechts of EnergyKing.

Q: How many installations do you do each month?

We perform about 60 installations on a monthly basis. These are mainly private installations, but we also have a number of large projects each year. We are growing fast and will probably be in the top 20 of the larger installation companies in Belgium.

Q: How would you describe working with Solar Monkey?

Good. In the beginning it was difficult to get all colleagues to work consistently with the programme, but it is going very well now. After a while, the programme turns out to be very easy and especially with the performance tool, it’s a big plus. I can immediately see what the design will look like, and the shadow that comes with it. I am very satisfied.

We do not use the quotations of Solar Monkey very much. This is because besides solar panels we also do a lot of other installations. It is more convenient for us to use Teamleader. It is not practical to use different software packages. Teamleader is very well-known in Belgium. They are also a young company, just like Solar Monkey, but easier for us to use. Maybe one day there will be a link between Solar Monkey and Teamleader.

Q: What difference has Solar Monkey made for you?

Mainly professionalism. A salesman with little technical experience can use the software to create a beautiful design for the customer. That is definitely a plus. We contacted Solar Monkey ourselves, and did not look much at competitors. Solar Monkey quickly became the most interesting party. The programme worked very efficiently and was not too complex. Some possibilities are still limited, but most of all we find it an easy software to work with.

“We are growing fast and will probably be in the top 20 of the larger installation companies in Belgium.”

Q: Suppose we create a function for you. What kind of function should it be?

I would say the technical part and the after sales. It would be nice if next to a design, users also receive a technical plan of the installation, such as string voltages. That is still very limited at the moment. Then, it would be great if there were a plug-in with Teamleader. It is now only focused on the quotations, but the technical side in particular could be supported more.

Also, the quality of the aerial photos is not always fantastic (ed. interview was conducted before the release of the razor-sharp photos). The products are often listed under 10 different names, while it is often the same product. This could be filtered out, so that it appears correctly.

Q: What do you think of the communication provided by Solar Monkey?

That is all very good. Maarten always keeps us perfectly informed, so I have nothing to complain about. If there are updates, Maarten always sends us a message or calls us. The updates in the chat are not too much and not too little.

Q: What is your ambition?

The regulations are going to change in Belgium, but it’s not very clear yet what it’s going to be like in 2021. Hopefully there will be a certain tool for battery storage, that would be very nice. Our ambition is to keep up the nice growth in the coming years, like we did last year. We doubled in the past year and of course we would like to keep that up. Now that the rules of the game are changing in 2021, we would like to get through this without any problems, and expand further in our new location. It is nice that we are getting so big now.

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