5 software updates which make Solar Monkey even faster!

The update assures that a solar panel installation plan can be calculated even more efficiently. This allows both the return on investment and the payback period to be better determined. The improved version of the efficient design software is created in cooperation with our clients. The launch is this week! For this reason, a number of experienced customers have enjoyed a glimpse behind the scenes.

‘The Solar Monkey software update makes designing a solar panel layout even easier!’

1. Create and compare different versions even faster

First of all, customers are picky and want to be able to compare designs. Therefore, it is nice that users can now save different versions of a solar panel layout. This allows you to compare different layouts or materials on the roof.

2. Remove and add solar panels more easily

Because there are often obstacles on relatively small roofs, it is handy that you can easily remove or add a solar panel here and there. Think for example of some extra panels around a skylight or dormer. Having this possibility saves a lot of time in the design process and increases the yield of the system.

3. Determine the orientation in less time

For an accurate calculation of the efficiency of a solar system, the orientation in relation to the south is of great importance. A few degrees of latitude can make a big difference, both visually and in terms of the yield. Thanks to the update, it is now possible to simply click on a drawn grid and rotate it with your mouse without any additional actions.

4. More control over the distance between rows of panels

Thanks to cooperation with customers, we learned that the mapping of flat roofs was hampered. This was because the distance between the rows of solar panels could only be determined after an initial grid had been drawn. As a result, often too many or too few solar panels were drawn, having to adjust this manually. Fortunately, this is now in the past! As of now, you can specify the row spacing based on the desired type of substructure.

5. Made a mistake? Go back using Control+Z

Did you make a mistake by accident? No problem, the developers have built in a Control+Z function. This allows you to undo a mistake and pick up where you left off. It also allows you to see the difference your change made. Want to go forward again? Simply use Control+Shift+Z to do so.

Launching with the Webinar Marathon

The renewed software is officially live as of Thursday 16 November. ‘During this day we will support users with a 9-hour live webinar’, says Matthijs Groot, product specialist at Solar Monkey. ‘Every hour a central explanation of the functionalities will start, after which it is possible to ask questions live.’

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