“This provides a lot of clarity for the customer and yourself while covering all your costs and also leaving a healthy margin.”


Until recently, many free services were provided in the solar panel industry. After all, the chance that something will break is not that great. A single repair here and there can easily be added for that reason. But under all these systems, someone lives who calls your number when things go wrong. The more systems you install, the higher the chance of problems. And for many of those problems, free service is currently provided.

Free service provides risks for the future

You probably know it. A customer calls over a panel that is broken within the factory warranty. That is, of course, not your fault, but the customer expects you to solve it. You can hardly refuse; the possibility that they get jammed and your reputation damage suffers is too high. This means that you still help, whereby: you start the conversation by telephone, you drive the car to the house, you inspect the situation, you call the supplier to claim the warranty, you have to await the arrival of the panel; and finally. You have to get back in the car to replace the panel.

A lot of time without any income. Of course, the customer is pleased with your help, but compared to these small successes, a much larger problem has been added; you are working on solving old issues (for free), while you much prefer working on growth and new projects!

Earn money with service contracts

In most markets, customers are already used to service contracts, where a small annual amount is paid to facilitate maintenance in the future. This ensures a great deal of clarity for the customer and yourself while covering all your costs and also leaving a healthy margin.

The benefits of a service contract:

  • It ensures the professional image of your company.
  • It provides clear agreements about the process.
  • It covers all costs, such as call-out costs, working time, and materials.
  • The transparent handling ensures more confidence with the customer.
  • You receive extra income with a healthy margin.
  • Does the customer not want a service contract? That’s no problem! Due to the clear agreements, there are no disagreements afterward if you still charge travel costs for a repair.

Also, start with service contracts!

At Solar Monkey, we help our installers to professionalize. This is also the case with the introduction of service contracts. In recent weeks we have already prepared all the necessary documents for you so that you can start immediately!

We also advise you free of charge about the package to be used, whereby we calculate the expected costs based on the service level you require. This allows you to choose a suitable price easily, and you have enough room for a healthy margin.

Excellent service is always proactive. You want to identify problems before the customer finds out. But keeping an eye on everything requires expertise and takes a lot of time. Zonnegarant helps with this! We analyze the performance of your solar systems daily using calculation models. We will inform you quickly if there are any problems. We also solve many issues with the data connection for you. This way, you have your hands free for growth, and you strengthen a positive customer relationship.

We help you with all the necessities:
  • Advice on determining your service level. Download our sample service table.
  • We calculate your estimated costs. You then determine the selling price, with a healthy margin.
  • Help with updating your quotation to include the service contracts as an option.
  • The standard concept of legal conditions, compiled by lawyer Osborne Clarke.
  • Solar-guaranteed performance analysis on all your systems for only € 100 per 10 years. We keep an eye on everything for you; you have nothing to worry about.
  • A good cup of coffee to celebrate your future success!
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Jan Pieter, Chief Monkey

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