Solar Monkey is not the only one on the market that makes design software for solar systems. Yet, there is a reason that Solar Monkey has become a market leader. The technical ingenuity of our developers has brought us to where we are today. And the most important technique is perhaps the use of 3D data. Solar Monkey has a unique position by using a 3D elevation map of the entire area. This allows us to make an accurate calculation of the shadow of surrounding buildings and trees.

How does it work?

The 3D elevation maps that are used come from the Current Elevation File of the Netherlands (AHN). Aeroplanes determine the exact height of each tree, house and chimney using laser pulses. This technology is called LiDAR and is very accurate. Solar Monkey links these 3D elevation maps to normal aerial images. This allows users to design solar panels on a normal photo and still take into account every source of shadow.

Aerial image of a building next to a tree
Picture 1: Aerial image

Why is that useful?

Normal aerial photos only give a 2D view and are often distorted or blurred. Try to estimate the height of the tree in photo 1. Is it higher than the house?

Elevation map of a tree next to a building
Picture 2: Elevation map

With the 3D height map of Solar Monkey you can see at a glance how high surrounding trees and houses are (the redder, the higher). If you hover over the objects with the mouse, the exact height relative to the ground will appear. Photo 2 clearly shows that the tree is indeed higher than the house. With this knowledge you will never have to disappoint your customers!

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