Solar Monkey Connect+

Solar Monkey Connect+ empowers solar businesses with highly valuable customer engagement, generating leads and online reviews seamlessly.

  • Offer service contracts.
  • Expand solar installations.
  • Promote diverse products.
  • Encourage customer referrals.

Generate high-quality leads

The Challenges of Lead Acquisition

Striking a balance between budget constraints and impactful marketing is crucial in lead generation. Connect+ offers a solution for generating high-quality leads without breaking the bank.

Leverage Your Customer Base

Prioritising customer satisfaction and engaging them with relevant content fosters repeat business, complemented by strategic product advertising that yields optimised leads.

Tailored Solutions for Installers

Connect+ operates independently, allowing flexibility by not requiring the use of our design and sales product, and can support and compliment other similar PV design software.

Promote diverse products

Enhance customer experience by promoting complementary products like heat pumps and charging points alongside your solar panels. Showcase the seamless integration of these solutions for a comprehensive energy package.

Offer service contracts

Introduce your customers to reliable service contracts, ensuring optimal system performance. This fosters long-term engagement and builds trust through consistent maintenance.

Encourage customer referrals

Leverage satisfied customers as brand advocates. Implement referral programs to tap into their network, generating potential leads from friends and family.

Expand solar installations

Educate existing customers on the scalability of solar solutions. Highlight the benefits of adding extra panels as their energy needs grow, presenting an opportunity for additional sales and improved energy efficiency.

How it works

Connect+ is independent and stands firm on its own, eliminating the necessity to integrate with our design and sales tools.

  1. Portal Access

    Tailor your experience with customised services by sharing your solar monitoring data through portal access.

  2. Contact List

    Elevate the customer journey by incorporating contact details from your CRM, invoicing system, or other databases.

  3. Product Spotlight

    Take command and select a featured product for a spotlight, with our focus on showcasing its unique benefits.

  4. Brand Harmony

    Collaborate on advertisement creation; our team ensures alignment with your brand’s voice and goals before it goes live.

  5. Connect+ Activation

    Leverage the power of detailed yield reports as a potent tool for generating keen interest.

  6. Lead Generation

    Receive high-quality, personalised leads directly to your doorstep, generated through a strategic marketing approach.

Here’s How It Seamlessly Integrates into Your Workflow:

Your investment to generate high-quality leads
Number of contactsInvestment / monthDeals needed for a positive ROI
0 – 199€ 1991 / month
200 – 999€ 299 1 / month
1000+ € 4662 / month

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