Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Solar Monkey, diversity, equity, and inclusion are the cornerstones of our company culture. We're committed to creating a welcoming, safe space where people of all backgrounds, abilities, and experiences are valued and celebrated.

Our Perspective on DEI

Our main goal

At Solar Monkey, we’re all about forming genuine connections with our fantastic team members, clients, and all the wonderful folks involved in our journey. Our main goal? Making sure everyone feels right at work and can truly be themselves.

That’s why we’ve got a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) project crew in action. They’re putting their heads together to come up with a comprehensive DEI strategy and are running some initiatives to maintain an environment where everyone feels valued and included.

We’re committed to diverse hiring and unbiased processes. We assess team well-being and belonging, sponsor diverse communities, and hold enriching educational sessions with inspiring speakers. 

Our initiative

We are pleased to announce that, as of this year, we have had the opportunity to welcome 15 exceptionally talented women into various departments, including Finance & Analytics, Operations, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, People Team, Product, and Customer Success Management. This enriches our workforce with a diverse range of perspectives and expertise.

While we aim to recruit talent within the Netherlands, we’ve come across four exceptional individuals from abroad and have gone the extra mile to assist them in relocating to the Netherlands. This initiative aligns with our belief in embracing global talent and fostering an environment where everyone can thrive. We aim to do more and continue working towards a more diverse and inclusive Solar Monkey.

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