Privacy policy Solar Monkey B.V.

Version 1.1 Date: 17 October 2019

Solar Monkey B.V. (“Solar Monkey”) prefers to collect as little data as possible from you. For our services we don’t need to process sensitive or special personal data. We do need some information from you in order to properly perform our services. We handle this information with care. We ensure that your privacy remains guaranteed

1. Personal Data Processed By Solar Monkey

Solar Monkey processes personal data about you because you use the services of Solar Monkey and/or because you have provided the data yourself. Which data we process depends on the type of service that you purchase or the activity that you perform. Below you will find the relevant personal data per service or activity.

If you visit Solar Monkey’s website(s) we process:

  • your IP address
  • your internet browser and device data
  • information you enter in an open field, such as a message in the contact form

If you request a roof scan or information, we process:

  • your name
  • your address details
  • your email addresses
  • your telephone numbers
  • your IP address
  • your internet browser and device data

If you purchase the Solar Monkey monitoring service (with or without warranty) we will process:

  • your name
  • your address details
  • the GPS coordinates of the location where the system is installed
  • your email addresses
  • your telephone numbers
  • your IP address
  • your internet browser and device data
  • data about your energy consumption
  • your IBAN (only if you are going to receive a guarantee payment from us or make a payment to us for a service)

2. Purpose Of Data Processing

We process your personal data to provide you with the services we offer, with the following specific goals:

  • to be able to handle your application or request
  • to be able to read the proceeds from your system
  • to be able to send your revenue reports
  • to contact you about problems with your system
  • to process payments
  • to be able to send you information about (changes to) the service
  • for analyses
  • for statistical and scientific purposes
  • to record evidence
  • for training and assessing the employees of Solar Monkey
  • to meet legal obligations
  • to handle unexpected complaints

In case we wish to use personal data for purposes other than those described above, we will only do so after we have obtained explicit permission from you for that specific purpose. You can subsequently withdraw that permission at any time and without giving reasons.

3. How Long We Keep Your Personal Data

In any case no longer than necessary. The exact term depends on the service, the purpose of collection and the relevant laws and regulations. The standard term is 1 year after the end of service or the last contact date. If you request a roof scan from us for example, or if you send us an email with a question, we will keep your data and the results for a year so we can get back to you later. We always keep the data for as long as we provide you with a service. In case of a 10-year monitor service, we will have data in our systems for at least 11 years. The Tax Authorities require us to keep an archive for 7 years. After a final financial transaction there will therefore still be personal data in our financial administration. These data are likely to be limited to name, address, payment details and service purchased.

4. Security Of Your Personal Data

You can expect us to protect your data in a proper manner. We will of course take appropriate organizational and technical measures to prevent abuse of and unauthorized access to your personal data. We will ensure that only the necessary people have access to your data, that that access is protected and that the security measures are checked regularly. In addition, we use encryption in order to securely transfer your data and your communication with us.

5. Sharing Data With Third Parties

You don’t run a business alone. Some parts of our business are not core business and we outsource this. For example, for our financial administration we use a program that is provided to us as a service. We do the bookkeeping ourselves, but technically we share your data with a third party. Furthermore, the servers that we use are not our own, but our hosting provider’s. Finally, in certain cases, we share the revenue data with the installer who set up the system for you and may have sold our services to you. He will want to know if he has indeed installed a system that is as good as he says it is, and how he can improve upon his services. Before sharing data with a third party, we sign a Processing Agreement with that third-party service provider in order to ensure that this third party adheres to at least the same standards as we do. We will also regularly review this. We will never work with services where your data is the product or will be sold.

6. Your Rights

You have the right to view, correct or remove your data to the extent that this is not in breach of any legislation and regulations, or contrary to any need we have for the provision of our services. If you want to exercise this right, or if you want to know more about this, please send an email to In order to prevent abuse of this right, we will have to ask you to identify yourself. Finally, please contact us if you want to submit a complaint about something that you are not satisfied with. In extreme cases you are also entitled by law to appeal to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

7. Changes

Business is not static. Sometimes a new service is added, or an old one is cancelled. We will therefore amend this policy from time to time. When we do so you will be notified before the new version comes into force. The date of the version you have just read can be found at the top of this document.

8. Company details

Solar Monkey B.V.

Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 35

2595 AN Den Haag

The Netherlands