Our Partners

Welcome to Solar Monkey's Partners page. Here, we acknowledge the collaborative efforts of key players in the solar industry who contribute to our shared mission.

Below is a curated list of our esteemed partners, each playing a vital role in advancing solar solutions.


The Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF) serves as the primary association for solar photovoltaic energy in Spain. Comprising over 815 companies and entities across the entire technology value chain, UNEF represents over 90% of Spain’s solar sector activity, encompassing producers, installers, engineers, raw material manufacturers, module and component producers, distributors, and consultants.

Solar Monkey Partners - UNEF


The Federal Association of the Solar Industry actively facilitates an accelerated energy transition in Germany. They significantly shape and maintain conducive political frameworks through informed policy guidance for consistent growth in solar energy markets.

Solar Monkey Partners - BSW


Aruna is a non-profit organisation focused on enhancing the quality of solar panel installations across the Netherlands and Europe. By standardising installation regulations, Aruna aims to guarantee proper installation practices. The organisation advocates for adherence to these standards, emphasising regular quality inspections. Ultimately, Aruna’s initiatives support the broader adoption of solar energy within the EU, fostering a more rapid energy transition. The organisation was established by industry leaders in the solar value chain.


Solar Monkey’s collaboration with Pipedrive equips our clients with a user-friendly, cost-effective CRM solution to optimise business growth. Pipedrive’s intuitive interface streamlines sales monitoring and automation, enhancing productivity with integrated tools and detailed reporting capabilities. Through our integration, users can centrally manage their sales pipeline, handle leads, and automate sales operations, enabling a concentrated focus on project sales.

PV Vlaanderen

PV-Vlaanderen is the technology platform for photovoltaic solar energy in Flanders, Belgium. As a technology platform of ODE, PV-Vlaanderen unites the specialized producers from the PV value chain: wholesalers, project developers, engineering firms and investors from the PV sector in Flanders. PV-Vlaanderen promotes a future-oriented and sustainable PV policy in Flanders that encourages as many families, institutions and companies as possible to meet their energy needs with green solar energy.


HERO is a cloud-based software with a mobile app in which craftspeople can conveniently manage their projects and orders digitally – from initial contact to implementation and invoicing. Thanks to the integration of Solar Monkey, you can now seamlessly process all your orders in HERO once they have been planned in detail with the Solar Monkey software. Digital planning boards, document management, time recording, and much more make your administrative work easier and help to optimise all your processes sustainably.

Solar Monkey and Hero - logo


MoreApp is a leading field service management tool with the safest and most user-friendly app to streamline workflows and improve team collaboration. Users can easily create customisable forms, capture real-time data from any location, and seamlessly integrate with existing systems. MoreApp is ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certified, which means your data is always safe.