CSM and support

Rely on our dedicated Customer Success and Support teams for expert guidance and advice on how to enhance your software experience. Enjoy expert insights on creating accurate solar plans and maximising your sales potential.

  • Access to a comprehensive knowledge base.
  • Online and in-person training and webinars.
  • Get expert guidance on creating solar plans, calculations, and more.

Optimise your customer support processes today.

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Easy onboarding

Our onboarding team ensures smooth onboarding through online and in-person training sessions and interactive webinars. Our in-app help feature offers instant guidance, making software use effortless.

Customer Success

Our Customer Success team is dedicated to making sure you get the maximum value out of your software. Our Customer Success team is ready to give you advice to tailor our software to your specific needs. The team is also equipped to give expert advice on all our integration possibilities and custom offer options.

Live support

Our customers highly value our in-app support. Check-in during office hours to address any queries you may have on our software. Too busy to chat with us? You can also go straight to our comprehensive help pages for extra information. We have everything you need to find your way around our intuitive software solution.