CRM and integrations

Make your sales team more effective with a platform to manage all your customer relations (CRM). Are you already using such a system? Or are you still looking for a solution? In both cases we got you covered.

  • Connect existing tooling seamlessly to Solar Monkey.
  • Or start using our best of class CRM solution.
  • More than 60 happy PV installers are using this CRM.

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Pipedrive, our intuitive CRM solution

If you are looking for a CRM platform, we can help. In Pipedrive, we have found a solution that is perfect for solar businesses. And what’s more: we can consult, configure and integrate it with Solar Monkey for you. This way, you will have two tools and one superior solution. More on Pipedrive below.

Lead generation

With Pipedrive, you can collect leads directly from your website. Create a form to ask customers about their energy consumption, contact details and more. When this information is filled out, your sales team will be notified and the lead will end up in your sales funnel.

Overview of your sales funnel

In one overview, you can see how your sales funnel is doing. Do you have sufficient leads? Is everything being followed up timely? Did the site survey already happen? The information is all there for your whole team to see.

Easy activity planning

Planning a site survey or installation date with customers can sometimes be a drag. Not with Pipedrive! No more back and forth by e-mail. Easily plan a date that suits both you and your customer and continue to provide the best services for your customers.


If you want to make your sales team more efficient, you need actionable insights on what’s going on. Pipedrive’s ‘Insights‘ feature, with its interactive dashboard software, helps your sales representatives recognise winning patterns so that they can optimise your workflow and marketing campaigns. It’s also easy to use, so you can become a bonafide data wizard in no time.

Further integrations with Solar Monkey

In case you have your own CRM, ERP or field management system and you would like to integrate that with Solar Monkey, we got you covered as well. With our API and modern webhook, any developer can build an integration with Solar Monkey. Integrations are a key part of our product strategy. So we are committed to continuously improving the documentation and capabilities of our integrations.