Make and send a quotation in two easy steps.

01 Create your design

Measuring solar panels can be done easily and quickly with the user-friendly design module of Solar Monkey.

Since we work with height data, you always have an accurate result. In addition, you can easily make multiple laying plans with different panels and inverters.

02 Send your quotation

Solar Monkey makes it a breeze for you to create professional-looking solar panel quotations set out according to your brand identity.

The quotation is your most important sales document. Solar Monkey’s quotation module allows you to create a quotation quickly and easily. Your customer can sign the document digitally, so you can get started with installing the panels as soon as possible.


Take control of your sales process. Do you ever lose track of things in your business? Have you ever lost a lead because their email got buried in your inbox, or forgotten to call a customer back?

Solar Monkey Consultancy can help you optimise your sales process. We can assist you in setting up your software or developing an efficient business strategy. We also provide software and sales training courses.

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