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Design an accurate solar system within 1 minute.



Easily create an accurate installation plan within 1 minute.

Complete database

Choose from a broad range of different types of panels.

Up-to-date aerial pictures

Design on high-resolution aerial pictures


Corrects for perspective on aerial photos

Roof Angle

Account for roof angle in your design


Panels automatically scale to perspective

Design quickly and easily

In the past you always had to go up on a roof to measure everything, and for a quote with an accurate installation plan you could easily lose a few days.

With Solar Monkey, you always have an accurate result since we work with height data. In addition, you can easily make multiple plans with different panels or with a different layout.


Mac window solar monkey

Create an accurate solar panel system design with our software to save significant amounts of time

What others are saying

“Solar Monkey is a very relevant program and easy-in-use. Our conversion has increased and all colleagues were quickly trained!– Kristien Gijbels

I can no longer imagine what it was like to work without Solar Monkey” – Ron de Proost

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With Solar Monkey we are able to proactively inform our customers about the yield and possible malfunctions. – Arjen van der Spek

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