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Through out daily pressure, you quickly lose the overview. That while timely follow-up is crucial for effective sales. With the right CRM-system you take control. Pipedrive is the all-in-one sales platform to increase your revenue. Together with Solar Monkey it is everything you need to further increase your growth as a solar panel installer.


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      Hi! I am Eline, Head of Customer Success at Solar Monkey. Why we recommend Pipedrive? Since it is results-oriented and simple in use. My team and I have experience optimising company processes of hundreds of installers. I am ready to get to work for you as well! Email me directly or leave your details in the form. I will contact you soon after. Email: customersuccess@solarmonkey.nl

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A small overview of Pipedrive’s functions

Overview of your salesfunnel

In one overview you can see how your salesfunnel is doing. Do you have sufficient leads? Is everything being followed up timely? The useful colour codes tell you directly.

Easy activity planning

Not only yourself, but also your customers plan activities easily when it fits you both. This saves yourself time and makes it easier for your customer.

Centralise your processes

Centralise the entire documentation process by sending traceable offers, proposals and contracts. Receive a notification when they are being opened and ask your clients for e-signatures to close deals faster.


Lead generation

Implement tools such as a chat, chatbot or effective form on your own website, to add warm leads to your CRM directly.

Automate your workflows

 By automating each step you save significant time and you prevent mistakes. Examples are smart email flows and checklists. This makes your process run even more efficient, leading to increased results in less time. 

Insightful reports

With the insights function of Pipedrive, you can create interactive reports about your sales process easily. This way you can quickly see your results and the underlying causes, leading to better results for your employees.

Marketing newsletters

By keeping your clients up-to-date, you increase your chances of future sales. Through Pipedrive you can easily create a professional newsletter that impresses. Besides, you have insights on the client interactions and their interests.

Fully integrated

From client information to complete quotes, everything is being synchronised with Solar Monkey. This way, you have all your data in one place and you can maintain an overview. The API offers several possibilities and standard integrations with practically every software package. This ensures a smooth process.

Experience with hundreds of satisfied installers

Solar Monkey’s solar panel software helps us to convince with security and service” – Lars Buuts   365zon

“I can no longer imagine what it was like to work without Solar Monkey. – Ron de Proost   Logo Solar Monkey Testimonial Zonnepanelen Solar Panels Software

“With Solar Monkey we are able to proactively inform our customers about the yield and possible malfunctions.– Arjen van der Spek   Vattenfall ESS Zonnepanelen B.V. Logo Solar Monkey Testimonial Zonnepanelen Solar Panels Software 2

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