02 Send the quote

Our templates make it easy to send a customised quote to the customer in your style.



A quote with all important components: design, yield and prices.


Multiple systems

You can suggest multiple alternatives that your customer can easily compare.

Customised to your style

Always comes in your own color and with your own logo.


Does the customer want a change? Create a new version right away.

Automatic confirmation

Receive notification by email and in Solar Monkey as soon as the quote has been accepted.


Attractive design

Clear for the customer and a professional appearance

Your own choice

Choose from 1 of the standard quotes or create your own style.

Instant approval

Get instant approval without sending files back and forth.


The quotation can be clearly viewed on every device (computer, tablet, phone)

Quotations that convince

From now on, make your quotes online and get immediate approval.

The quotation is the most important document in your sales process. This must be complete, well-arranged, attractively designed and in your own style. In this way, a quotation inspires confidence and makes it stand out. This is important because your customer requests several, and you want to avoid spending several hours on one quote.

With Solar Monkey you can easily make an attractive quotation in your own style.

Benefit from our experience in targeted quotations with hundreds of customers. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities.



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Our solar panel systems quotations convince a client to choose you

What others are saying

Solar Monkey’s solar panel software helps us to convince with security and service.– Lars Buuts


“I can no longer imagine what it was like to work without Solar Monkey. – Ron de Proost

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With Solar Monkey we are able to proactively inform our customers about the yield and possible malfunctions.– Arjen van der Spek

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