Performance monitoring powered by Solar Monkey

Your solar panels offer a 25-year investment in clean energy. But over time, parts can wear out or break. Even reliable panels can lose efficiency. With Solar Monkey's performance monitoring, we make sure you get the most energy from your panels.

  • We identify issues and alert installers to fix them.
  • Stay updated through expert analysis and reports.
  • We review and analyse your solar panels’ performance.

Gain confidence in the performance of your solar panels.

Experts in solar panel software

Solar Monkey offers top-notch software for solar panels. We provide design, calculation, and monitoring tools for installers across Europe. With experience in designing over a million systems and monitoring many daily, we guarantee peak performance. Over time, factors like weather can reduce solar panel efficiency. Our independent monitoring ensures you get maximum energy from your panels. So relax, and let us help you get the most out of your solar investment.

Trusted by over 800 solar professionals

They rate us with a 9,2

Solar System Assurance

Your solar installation may face issues such as internet disconnection, panel damage, electrical faults, and more. Even if everything appears fine from the outside, how can you ensure its proper functioning? Our experts analyse the amount of energy produced and compare this with our calculated expectations. This is how we identify potential performance issues.

Efficient Issue Identification 

Solar panel issues aren’t always visible to the naked eye. So what happens when an issue arises? You don’t have to worry at all. We swiftly identify any performance issues in your solar panels. Our alerts to your installers ensure they promptly resolve the issues, keeping you well-informed and maintaining optimal system performance.

System Performance Analysis

Our experts assess your system’s actual production against estimations derived from precise weather data and your solar system’s digital model. You also receive comprehensive performance reports on your solar panels every three months to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Please note:

Solar Monkey is a B2B (business-to-business) company, which means our clients are other businesses. While this page is for you, the end consumer, our software is designed for solar businesses, such as solar panel installers. So all other information on our website is meant for them.