03 Monitor the performance

Turn service into a revenue model through our monitoring function.

Service after installation

The next step after installation is the service of the solar system.

Service is costly, and this expense grows as you install more systems and your portfolio ages. In addition, you miss out on opportunities if you lose contact with your customer.

Solar Monkey therefore offers the option to take on this ballast so you can keep focussing on growing.

We combine all your systems in 1 clear dashboard. This centralizes all data, and we analyze the performance of all systems. You can immediately see if a system is not performing well. An app in your style is created for your customer by us. Your client will also receive clear quarterly updates.


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1 4G Module

No connection issues or missing data.


Stable and reliable performance data.


Connectivity to the majority of inverters.

From burden to opportunity

An installer whose service is in order can grow faster.

  • Satisfied customers refer to close contacts
  • Satisfied customers choose you for their next job.
  • Satisfied customers give testimonials.

With monitoring you keep every customer engaged and satisfied. This makes service a growth opportunity.

Are you ready for the future?


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Letting our experts monitor your solar panel systems will result in satisfied customers

What others are saying

“In the past it happened that a laying plan did not fit. With Solar Monkey we now have certainty.” – Bart Boelens

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“I can no longer imagine what it was like to work without Solar Monkey. – Ron de Proost

Logo Solar Monkey Testimonial Zonnepanelen Solar Panels Software

With Solar Monkey we are able to proactively inform our customers about the yield and possible malfunctions.– Arjen van der Spek

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