Convincing proposals

Enjoy a better sales conversion and save time with Solar Monkey's highly customisable proposals. Our from-design-to-pricing-flow will make it easy for you to present your customer with a convincing proposal.

  • Stand out with customisable offer templates.
  • Easy to use interface and profiles.
  • Also batteries, EVs, chargers, and heat pumps.

Give our platform a try for a smooth solar business.

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Beautiful online templates

Apply your own branding and design to beautiful online templates that will be easy for your customer to open on any device. You can present your customer with different options to consider in a personal portal. Once the proposal is accepted online, your sales team will be updated immediately.

Flexible pricing

However you want to price your offer, we got you covered. Markup pricing, discounts or package prices; it’s all possible. Your product catalogue will give you centralised control over how pricing is done in a larger sales team.

Easy business case calculations

Most customers see the investment of a solar system as a business case. With financial logic that is setup for your national market, and with financial profiles for B2B and B2C, we make it easy to calculate and present this business case.

EV chargers, batteries and heat pumps

With Solar Monkey, you can also add EV chargers, batteries and heat pumps (“non PV products”) to your proposals. Make them part of a total proposal and business case, or offer them separately; it’s all possible.