Simple PV design

With Solar Monkey’s user-friendly interface, designing a solar system becomes a breeze. Speed up your design process, without compromising on accuracy.

  • Save time on unnecessary site visits.
  • Reliable yields based on localised data.
  • Accurate panel placement with sharp aerial images.

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Design in minutes

Select any inverter or panel on the market and simply drag it on to the roof. We are fast and are not limited to any manufacturers or resellers. Our workflow will enable you to create a convincing and highly personalised proposal within 3 minutes.

Accurate Calculations

Ease of use does not have to compromise accuracy. And because we use localised irradiation-, weather- and height data, our calculations are the most accurate in the market. We automatically detect local shading on the panels, so you can optimise the design and prevent an underperforming system.

Manual roof design

Sometimes you might be making proposals for buildings that are recently constructed, or don’t even exist yet. No problem: this is what our site builder is for. Create roofs intuitively, add them to the site, and there you go!


Select any battery on the market for your PV design and we accurately calculate how this impacts the self consumption of your customer. Easily model the energy consumption of your customer and find out how a battery will be beneficial.

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