Remote sales

Combining Solar Monkey software with the right tools and methods can save you up to 80% of your sales time. This is how you do it.

Even more satisfied clients and time-saving with remote sales.

Combining Solar Monkey software with the right tools and methods can save you up to 80% of your sales time. This is how you do that by using remote sales as a way to build strong and lasting customer relations. It has become more and more challenging to meet the needs of the booming solar panel market.

Not only because of the increased demand, but also because of the difficulty of growing and retaining a steady workforce. That is why it has become even more important to see where opportunities lie and on what customers you need to focus. There are three ways that can instantly help you out in these challenging times.

1. Use the right software for quotations and design

When a client requests a quotation, you used to visit the client, climb up the roof, and measure and calculate everything by hand. This takes a lot of time that you don’t have any more if you want to work efficiently. On the other hand, you still want to provide your client with personalised service since this creates trust. What if there is a way in which you can both save time and provide your client with personal service?

Software offers the solution. Solar Monkey offers an interactive tool where you can design a solar panel system and set up a quote within minutes. Efficiently because it is, among other things, based on accurate aerial pictures. This provides you with several options to speed up your sales process and enables you to serve more clients in a shorter amount of time.

2. Perform your initial client interview by phone

This may sound a bit impersonal, but initial sales inquiries by phone have several benefits. Not only you, but also your client might not have all the time in the world to have a first extensive meeting. When a client requests a quotation, you can simply base your initial ideas for a system on the aerial picture of their home. It increases your efficiency because a call takes a lot less time and a client will most likely have more time slots available.

After discussing the client’s and your own ideas, you can quickly agree on a first offer. With Solar Monkey, it is possible to send the subsequent quotation online, which the client can then accept instantly. After the first offer has been accepted, you can schedule a site visit to explain your plans in-depth. This will generate even more trust from the client since you show that you want to give them personal attention. Now, you have the best of both worlds; satisfied clients and time-saving sales contacts.

3. Plan your initial meeting online and create the system instantly

Some clients would rather see you face-to-face to get an idea of who you are. However, other clients would rather have the meeting online. This also provides opportunities for you since this is another way to save time and provide your client with good service. By using Solar Monkey, you can make this happen in the most efficient way possible. When a customer agrees to an online meeting, you can create a design and draw your first proposal live, without having to visit the client in person.

Through screen sharing, the customer can see both you and the design you are making. The customer can give feedback on the design directly. Together you will create a plan that completely fits your client’s needs. With this initial ‘online yet personal’ contact, you can schedule a site visit afterwards – if the client finds this necessary.

Overall, the current booming market comes with difficulties but maybe even larger opportunities. By effectively communicating with your client, on- or offline, and using software, you can meet the demand and provide your client with personal attention. This creates an excellent situation for both your client and yourself since time is saved on both sides and all requests are met.