Strategy Days at Solar Monkey

By Robien Donkers |  6th of May, 2022

Strategy Days!

One of the coolest things we learned from our CEO Jan Pieter Versluijs at Solar Monkey is to have regular ‘strategy days’. In previous jobs there were Christmas dinners and parties, maybe sometimes a fun evening out, or if we were lucky a teambuilding event. But strategy days are something completely different.

We get the whole team together (everybody is invited, also parttimers, interns and freelancers) to discuss Solar Monkey related topics. Sometimes it is about setting goals for the next quarter, sometimes we invite actors to learn and practise giving and receiving feedback. Sometimes we discuss hard questions that live among our people, sometimes we invite external people to learn about scaling up as a company. Two times a year we do this in real life, Making sure to also get all our international colleagues to the Netherlands even if it is just for 2 days.


Everybody matters

And especially in the current times I feel that these strategy days can make a difference. Where regular team days are good for bondig, getting to know your colleagues outside of work, and helping people to open up to colleagues, which can make their work life a lot easier, strategy days take it a step further. During a strategy day everybody matters. All opinions matter. There is time to listen to the product ideas of a salesperson, and space for the ideas that a support person might have for certain sales processes. And the interns are free to share their thoughts on what they see within the company. Not all thoughts and ideas will make it to the roadmap or company strategy (actually, most will not), but the fact that you make time and space to actually listen to what everybody has to say makes that people feel heard and involved in what you do as a company.



Want to know more about strategy days, or other things we do as Solar Monkey to empower and grow our people, and keep them involved, feel free to reach out!

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