Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Solar Monkey?

Take a step inside our Solar Monkey culture and find out what it is like to live a Monkey’s life.

Here at Solar Monkey many of us prefer to work remotely. Some because it just saves a lot of commute time that can now be used to spend with family and friends, and others because 25% of our people live in a different country than the Netherlands. But still, we work closely together as a team. You might have seen our amazing looking people putting this teamwork to action during one of our strategy days, when we invited all monkeys to come to the Netherlands.

Looks fun, right? 

So, what is it actually like to work at Solar Monkey? Let’s take a look inside and find out why a career at Solar Monkey might be right for you.

“The great thing about working at Solar Monkey is that we focus on your  personal growth. We ask everyone this question: where do you want to be next year, and how can we help you to get there? So many people have joined Solar Monkey in one role and transitioned to something completely different as their passions and career progress.”

    -Marieke Sneep, Head of People at Solar Monkey

Solar Monkey is a reflection of our people. We’re faced with new challenges daily, so we define success by our ability to maximize our strengths, to solve problems, and build a better way for our team and customers. We also share and learn from our experiences — our company is filled with ambitious people that are curious, collaborative, and keen to make an impact. These are the traits we look for in new hires and the reason why people like to work at Solar Monkey.


Ok, this sounds nice, but what does it mean for my day to day job?

  • Do you see an opportunity? Go for it! Your suggestions are most welcome. We can guarantee that this is not simply behaviour that we promote for marketing purposes but a daily reality of life at Solar Monkey.
  • There are no safety nets. If you see an issue, you may well be the first one to spot it. You are invited to get stuck into the issue – no approvals needed. In fact it is welcomed that you do.
  • We have no departmental boundaries. Do you have an opinion or suggestion about the work of another department? Share it! Two see more than one, it does not matter that you are from another department.
  • Yes, we can make jokes at the CEO’s expense. You will not get a warning, however his witty comebacks may still leave you reeling though…


Getting excited to join our team and become a Monkey? Head over to our careers page to find out more about our culture and job opportunities!