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HERO & Solar Monkey: In synergy for maximum success in the solar sector - discover the ideal combination of PV planning software and holistic digital management for your solar business.

Introduction to HERO

HERO is a cloud-based software with a mobile app in which craftspeople can conveniently manage their projects and orders digitally – from initial contact to implementation and invoicing. Thanks to the integration of Solar Monkey, you can now seamlessly process all your orders in HERO once they have been planned in detail with the Solar Monkey software. Digital planning boards, document management, time recording, and much more make your administrative work easier and help to optimise all your processes sustainably. Ignite the next level of digitalisation in your solar business with Solar Monkey and HERO today!

The history of HERO: from a brokerage platform to leading artisan software

Change, continuous development, and improvement, and constant reinvention of self – these are the cornerstones of HERO’s history. The software has come a long way, evolving from a software solution for mediating between artisans and end customers. However, as its range of functions grew over time, it now stands firms as a stand-alone software for artisans. Today, HERO can proudly call itself the market leader for artisan software in the German-speaking world. But the HERO development team is not resting on its laurels: In constant dialogue with their customers, HERO continues to develop the software daily to offer customers the best possible user experience.

What makes HERO so powerful

  • Simple and intuitive: Anyone can understand and learn how to immediately use the HERO software.
  • All in one: Log in once and have access to all applications.
  • Always available: With the HERO app, you always have access from any device, anywhere.
  • Always there for you: You have access to around the clock support and HERO seminars quickly make you a professional.
  • Advanced and state of the art: From quotation to payment, HERO helps you bring your project management into the digital age.
Hero and Solar Monkey partnership - Datei upload

Why the Solar Monkey & HERO partnership?

Connection – it’s that simple

The interface between Solar Monkey and HERO is available to all existing customers. As a Solar Monkey and HERO customer, contact HERO customer service, and the interface will be activated for you (for a one-off fee for the integration). You can then create your own PV projects in the HERO software and transfer all relevant information automatically—in both software.

  • Complete life cycle: Manage complex solar projects from initial contact to detailed planning and invoicing.
  • Seamless integration: Solar Monkey and HERO work together. This means you always have an overview of the current status of your projects in both software programs.
  • No manual transfer necessary: All information, documents and other files are synchronised in real-time.

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Overview of HERO’s features

1Digital project management

Digital project management

With HERO, projects can be managed digitally throughout their duration—from initial contact with the customer to realisation and invoicing. The project assistant helps with scheduling and the logbook records who has worked on the project and when. Project data can also be added from the construction site, for example, via the mobile image upload.

2Streamlined documentation

Streamlined documentation

In HERO, artisans can easily create documents such as quotes and invoices using drag-and-drop and manage them in a central location in the cloud. This means the documents are always up to date and can never be lost, a big step towards digitalisation away from file templates and folders.

Solar Monkey and Hero - Documentation
3Enhanced planning

Enhanced planning

HERO has extensive tools for scheduling and employee management. Once a job has been planned, employees can be assigned using drag-and-drop. Employees’ schedules are visualised in the construction site planner, a digital planning board. If the employee is on-site, they can start recording their mobile time via their smartphone and track their working time directly on the project using a digital time clock.

Solar Monkey and Hero - integration and planning
4Interfaces and data formats

Interfaces and data formats

Using various interfaces, such as IDS-Connect and Datanorm, artisans can conveniently and automatically transfer article master data from manufacturers and wholesalers to the software. HERO also has other interfaces, such as DATEV export (accounting), DAA-Connect (import of customer enquiries), Aroundhome (lead integration), and UGL (online shop).

Solar Monkey and Hero - Project

Solar Monkey and HERO: A perfect match for solar experts

Thanks to the interface between Solar Monkey and HERO, users of both software packages can now unleash the combined power of comprehensive project management and detailed PV planning software. With HERO, you can manage all processes from initial contact to scheduling and invoicing – throughout the entire duration of the project. At the same time, you can manage detailed PV system planning in Solar Monkey – conveniently and efficiently.

How do you get started?

Embarking on your journey with the integrated software solutions offered by Solar Monkey and Hero is straightforward. Here’s how you can get started in just four steps:

  1. Sign up for a free trial

    Begin by signing up for a free trial on either Solar Monkey or Hero’s website. This no-obligation trial gives you hands-on experience with the software, allowing you to explore its comprehensive features and assess how it can streamline your business operations. During the trial, make sure to explore the integration features between Solar Monkey and Hero.

  2. Customise your experience

    Once you’ve signed up, take advantage of the available customisation options. Both Solar Monkey and Hero offer a range of settings to tailor the software according to your specific business requirements and workflow. Use this phase to integrate Solar Monkey’s solar design capabilities with Hero’s project management tools.

  3. Onboard your team and start managing projects

    With the software customised to your liking, the next step is to onboard your team. Introduce your staff to both Solar Monkey and Hero through training sessions that cover how to use the software effectively. This ensures everyone is proficient and ready to maximise the benefits of the integrated solutions.

  4. Bonus: leverage support and continuous learning

    Solar Monkey and Hero provide comprehensive customer support and resources if you encounter any challenges or have questions. Take advantage of these services to enhance your understanding and utilisation of the software.

Integrated Solutions

Driving sustainable operations

HERO’s mission is based on the conviction that energy-efficient project management is critical to shaping a world worth living in for all of us in the long term. Our HERO partners want to contribute by enabling artisans to digitally manage their entire planning and administration. Thanks to the increased efficiency of processes, more projects can be completed in less time, thus accelerating the energy transition. At the same time, digitalisation naturally contributes to an improved environmental footprint for businesses by saving paper and unnecessary journeys.

Empowering green innovation

Solar Monkey’s partnership with HERO is based on shared values and a vision for a sustainable future. By combining HERO’s artisans software with our specialised solution for planning PV systems, we can make our customers’ work noticeably easier, more pleasant and more efficient across the board. This collaboration fosters innovation in sustainable practices, encouraging the adoption of solar energy across various trades and contributing to the global effort to combat climate change by leveraging technology for smarter, greener solutions.

What makes HERO simple and intuitive for use in the solar sector?

HERO software is built to be straightforward and easy to use from the get-go. Its design ensures that anyone can understand and utilise the software immediately, without a steep learning curve. This simplicity extends across all HERO applications, accessible with a single login, making it an ideal partner for Solar Monkey’s detailed PV planning software.

How does HERO ensure that I can access my project data anytime, anywhere?

With the HERO app, you have access to all your project data and orders from any device, at any location. This always-available approach is crucial for managing solar projects on the go, ensuring that you and your team can stay updated and make informed decisions wherever you are.

Can I integrate my existing software with HERO?

Yes, HERO can be seamlessly combined with over 1,000 other software programs thanks to more than 15 interfaces it supports, such as IDS-Connect and Datanorm for article master data, DATEV export for accounting, and many more. This compatibility makes HERO a versatile tool for artisans in the solar sector, working in harmony with Solar Monkey for an all-encompassing project management experience.

What are the benefits of using HERO and Solar Monkey together for my PV projects?

The interface between Solar Monkey and HERO is designed for maximum synergy, offering a complete lifecycle management for complex solar projects from initial contact to detailed planning and invoicing. This seamless integration means real-time synchronisation of all information, documents, and files across both platforms, eliminating the need for manual transfers and ensuring a comprehensive overview of your project’s current status.

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